Safah El Giza Series: The Full Story

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‘Safah El Giza’ was director Hadi El Bagoury’s latest collaboration with the streaming platform Shahid. The eight-episode show aired to positive reviews from both critics and fans.

But did you know the real story behind the hit show? Though many events in the series were changed for dramatic effect, the series is still based on the famous case of the real Butcher of Giza ‘Gaddafi Faraj.’

With Ahmed Fahmy in the lead, a stellar line-up of Bassem Samra, Rakeen Saad, and Hanan Youssef joined the cast.

The Chilling Crimes of Gaddafi Faraj

Gaddafi Faraj, known as The Butcher of Giza, is an Egyptian serial killer and fraudster. He murdered four people from 2015 to 2017 in Giza and Alexandria to cover up his fraudulent activities. He lived with many identities and different names to con his victims for their money.

Gaddafi’s greed for money and stature stopped him at nothing. He killed his childhood best friend ‘Engineer Reda’ who Gaddafi would later steal his identity and live as him in Alexandria. He killed his first wife ‘Fatma,’ his secret lover ‘ Nadine,’ and his fiance ‘Yasmine.’

The Haunted Apartment

Gaddafi had the cursed apartment in Boulaq – where Reda, Fatma, and Nadine were buried – renovated with new tiles. He rented it for four years where people lived, not knowing what’s underneath.

It all started with his friend Reda. Gaddafi convinced him to send money regularly from Kuwait so he could invest it in real estate, in which he claimed to work. After three years of no return to Reda, and with Gaddafi having representative papers from him, Reda decided he would confront Gaddafi.

After poisoning Reda, Gaddafi buried him in the Boulaq apartment. He later killed his wife Fatma, who was suspicious of his behavior, and who he also had financial issues with. She lay next to Reda.

He was having a secret affair with Nadine but proposed to her sister. When Nadine threatened to expose him and the affair, she was his third victim buried in the same apartment.

Gaddafi’s Capture

When he moved to Alexandria, Gaddafi met Yasmine and proposed to her. However, when she confronted him about defrauding her from her apartment, Gaddafi murdered her. Gaddafi then married another woman – his third wife – when he met her wealthy family. As they were having some trouble in the relationship, Gaddafi decided to rob her parents’ house wearing a niqab. Gaddafi was then captured on CCTV.

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