Vegan-Friendly Spots to Curb Your Hunger

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Following a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle is not always the easiest thing. It takes tons of effort and discipline to be consistent. For those following the vegan/vegetarian diet in Egypt, we wanted to make life a little bit easier for you! Check out our list of vegan-friendly spots you can grab a bite at!

For us who might not be so well versed in the world of plant-based diets, ever wondered what the difference between a vegan and a vegetarian is?

Well, vegetarians do not eat any meat, fish, or shellfish. However, they eat dairy, like cheese. Meanwhile, vegans don’t eat any food products that come from animals, including dairy products and eggs.

Be Good to You | New Cairo

Be Good to You is designed for health-conscious individuals in search of unique and nutritious recipes. They are committed to delivering delectably healthy dishes packed with flavor, promoting an all-around healthy lifestyle.

Vegan in Our House | Maadi

Vegan In Our House offers an extensive vegan menu featuring over 30 different food items. From appetizers, soups, and salads to delicious beyond burgers, homemade burgers, pasta, and oriental dishes, They’ve got it all. It’s the ideal spot for vegans to savor a wide range of flavors and culinary delights

Veginn | New Cairo & Maadi

A team of plant-based enthusiasts who care about the environment and wish to spread the plant-based diet. The term ‘healthy’ varies in meaning depending on each person because all of our bodies are different, and that’s why they wanted to create a brand that’s inclusive and accepting of all body shapes.

Be Good Today | A Delivery Service

Their broad range of products contains no gluten, dairy, or refined sugar, as well as vegan and keto options. They use premium ‘all natural’ ingredients; no butter, refined sugar, flour, or anything processed. They focus on catering to the health-conscious individual, anyone interested in simple ‘clean eating’ or anyone on a limited diet due to illness, allergy, or lifestyle choice.

Zooba | All Over Cairo

They are an Egyptian street food concept that originated in Cairo back in 2012. If you’re interested in exploring diverse culinary traditions, passionate about enjoying delicious food that’s ethically sourced and prepared, and love listening to Arab hip-hop while you’re busy, then get in touch with them!

Osana Wholefood Cafe | Maadi

Food made with love! At Osana, they put a lot of love and thought into their wholesome, nutritious menu. And so the delicious menu is catered with care for all veggie lovers out there. They believe wellness begins in the tummy, as they prepare their meals from scratch every day.

Sincerely V | Maadi Sarayat

They say the eye eats first, correct? Well, not just your eyes but also your tummy will thank you for diving into this sea of color with Sincerely V. They offer a range of colorful dishes to curb your vegan hunger. Indulge in their pure plant-based bliss with their Classic Plant Burger.

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