7 Unique Touristic Spots in Egypt

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Beyond the famous pyramids and busy markets, Egypt has many hidden gems. In this article, we’re going to explore these hidden wonders – from peaceful desert oases to ancient temples and lively destinations. Let’s discover the secret side of Egypt, the places many people don’t know about but are truly amazing.

Saladin Castle

Pharaoh’s Island, Taba

Originally built by the Crusaders to protect their kingdom in Jerusalem and Christians visiting the Monastery of St. Katherine, the medieval fortress, was later captured by Saladin in 1170. Visitors to Pharaoh’s Island must book in advance to explore the castle.

The Tomb of Nefertari

Valley of The Queens, Luxor

Nefertari is the first of the Great Royal Wives of Ramesses the Great. Her tomb, located in the Valley of The Queens, houses some of the most well-preserved paintings in Egypt. With their vivid colors, they look like they were painted days ago.


Marsa Alam, Red Sea

Dive into the shores of one of Egypt’s most important ancient harbors on the Red Sea coast. The diving spot is named after Berenice, the second queen of the Ptolemaic dynasty of Egypt.

White Desert

Farafra Oasis, Western Desert

The White Desert is a protected national area in western Egypt. The desert’s landscape is characterized by its striking white rock formations shaped by wind and sand erosion.

Hathor Temple

Dendera, Qena

Hathor is the Egyptian sky goddess of love, fertility, music, and dancing. It is also said she is the goddess of birth and motherhood. Her Temple is one of the most well-preserved temples in all of Egypt.

Colored Canyon

Nuweiba, Sinai

The Colored Canyon is one of Sinai’s most spectacular natural wonders. An array of colorful rock formations that were once the waterbed of the Red Sea.

City of the Dead

Mallawi, El Minya

The Zawiyyet Al Mayyiteen (City of the Dead) is a Muslim and Coptic Christian cemetery. A sea of white domes, It is said to be one of the largest cemeteries in the world.

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