Embracing a New Chapter: How to Survive University

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Though change can be intimidating, exploring a new area in life can also present itself in growth, improvement, and fresh beginnings. As we take our first steps onto the university’s campus and meet all the unfamiliar faces, a rush of different feelings present themselves. Anxiety, excitement, curiosity, and wonder can all overwhelm us. That is why it is important to take a step back and remember these few important tips!   

Create Balance

You need to have fun because they are the best years of your life. You need to work because experience is vital to your career. No, it is better to gain experience through courses. Overwhelming, right? No one can decide for you if one is more important than the other. However, what is certain is that setting your priorities straight and valuing your time is the greatest thing you’ll ever do. You have a lot of time. Take it step by step and use it wisely.

Embrace Change in Friendships

Whether it is high school or university friends, people change and grow apart, and that’s okay. It doesn’t mean your friendship was ‘fake’ because it didn’t last forever. The days and the years you’ve spent together are valuable because they are part of your time and life. Don’t think a friendship growing apart is an ‘end.’ Life has no endings. It is all part of the journey.

Take Tons of Pictures

I know you take lots of photos and selfies for Instagram, or maybe you are that one friend who doesn’t like having pictures of themselves taken. Either way, you won’t regret snapping a few for the memories. Guess what? Not every photo has to be perfect. Take pictures of your 20s face, the buildings, the friends, the professors, or just day-to-day scenery.

Keep an Open Mind

University is full of people who are different from you, and that’s a good thing! Try to keep away from being judgemental. You, too, are exploring yourself at this stage. Keep an open mind and embrace change and diversity in both yourself and others.

Protect Your Self-Worth Through Ups & Downs

Though university can be very important, it is not the only important thing in your life. So, don’t equate your self-worth to your grades or the people you meet. And don’t shy away from expressing your needs. Be your biggest cheerleader!

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