Scrolling All Day Long? Don’t Let FOMO Get to You!

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We’ve all had these days when we don’t have any exciting plans, but we are not relaxing either. Usually, we end up scrolling our day away.

Excessive scrolling and stalking people online can lead us to feel blue. It is known as Doom Scrolling. Not only can it prompt feelings of sadness, but it can also lead to anxiety or fear. As you follow all the events or gatherings happening around you, Anxiety will stem from the fear of missing out.

What is FOMO? And why you are not alone!

FOMO is a mental health term coined to mean ‘The Fear of Missing Out’. FOMO is something most of us experience as we follow social media, and it’s almost impossible to attain a lifestyle. We feel like everyone, but us is living their best lives. Everyone is having the perfect experience, while we sit feeling unlucky, unable to achieve a sense of contentment in our simple days.

FOMO is mainly rooted in two beliefs. Feeling you are the only one left out and constantly comparing your life to others. But fear not, as you are not alone in this!
FOMO is quite common. In addition, it is vital to remember that our constant comparison to others is very unhealthy. Everyone has their path, and their pace, and there is no shame in that.

Other healthy ways to cope are trying to limit your time on social media, remembering that not everything online is real, looking at photos of our fun memories, remembering our accomplishments, contacting close friends, and remembering that many experiences are yet to come.

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