6 Sequels We Are Excitedly Waiting for in 2024

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Get ready to feel the excitement! In this article, we’ll take a peek at the upcoming sequels that have us all buzzing with anticipation. Let’s dive into the world of sequels that have us counting down the days until they hit the screen.

Kamel El Adad

Director Khaled El Halfawy and Screenwriter Rana Abu Elreesh will begin filming the second season of the hit show Kamel El 3adad in November. The highly anticipated series is planned to air in Ramadan 2024.

Fans are excited to hear that the original cast is making a comeback. Starring Dina El Sherbiny and Sherif Salama in the lead, the show will not replace the role of the late Mostafa Darwish. Instead, Darwish’s character is to be treated in the writing of the script.

El Le3ba

Director Moataz El-Touni announced they started production on the fifth season of the popular TV show El Le3ba in his radio interview with Nogoum FM on September 17th. 

The show had a successful run with four seasons, streaming on the platform Shahid and starring Hisham Maged, Chico, Mai Kassab, and Mirna Gamil.

Family Matter (Mawdoo3 3a2ely)

The hit Shahid show Mowdoo3 3a2ely is coming back with a third season, and hopefully soon enough!

The cast is ready to start filming at the beginning of November, as the show is likely to be released around Christmas or New Year’s. Season two of the show was a great success. The audience adored Sara and Hassan’s wedding, causing ‘Bnt Aboha’ the song to go viral. Produced by Ahmed El Ganaini, Mowdo3 3a2ly is directed by Ahmed El Gendy and scripted by Mohamed Ezz El Din and Karim Youssef.

Do you think ‘Mowdo3 3a2ly’ is becoming a household name?

Toy Story 

Fans were super excited when it was first announced in February that Toy Story is getting a fifth part!

A Disney insider later shared that ‘Andy’ is returning to the beloved animation as an adult with the family he created during his time away from the toys to play a major role in the plot.

‘Andy’ is Woody and Buzz’s original owner. He parted ways with them in Toy Story 3 as he moved away to college. Toy Story 4 had the toys navigate their new life with a new owner. Fans have mixed feelings about these claims as they hold Toy Story 3’s ending dear to them, calling it the ‘perfect ending’ to Andy’s story with the toy gang.

How do you feel about Andy’s return? 


Egyptian Director Hadi El Bagoury had people thrilled as he announced part two of his hit movie Hepta. “We are now in the process of writing,” he stated.

The romance movie is an adaptation of Mohamed Sadek’s best-selling novel, which explores the seven stages of love by unfolding four interconnected stories.

The first part had an amazing cast featuring Amr Youssef, Maged El Kedwany, Ahmed Malek, Ahmed Dawood, Dina El Sherbiny, Yasmine Raeis, Jamila Awad, Hany Adel, Mohamed Farrag, Nelly Karim, and Shereen Reda.

How do you think the stories will manifest in part two?

Bank Alhaz

Fan favorite comedy hit Bank El 7az is getting a part two!

In recent statements, Mohamed Mamdouh confirmed to eager crowds that the movie stars are getting ready to start filming a sequel in mid-October.

The movie will be directed by: Ahmed El Gendy and written by: Mostafa Saqr and Mohamed Ezzeldein. It is planned to be released in summer 2024.

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