6 Tips for Meditation & Self Reflection

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Did you know that your brain can’t respond to anxiety and gratitude at the same time? Research has shown that consciously practicing gratitude can reduce feelings of stress and anxiety. This is your sign to pause, think, meditate, look around, and appreciate the good things and the good people in your life right now.

Here is a list of some activities that can help you slow down the fast rhythm of life, self-reflect, and thank yourself and your body for going all the way and for handling life like a pro!

Ps. Don’t forget to thank those who encouraged you, supported you, and guided you in any chapter of the journey!

Guided Meditation for Gratitude

A session/video where a meditation instructor guides you through a gratitude session in a serene place while using certain breathing techniques and gratefulness phrases.

 Keeping A Gratitude Journal

There’s no wrong way to keep a gratitude journal. You just need to write down up to 5 things for which you feel grateful for 15 minutes a day. The goal of the exercise is to remember a good event, experience, person, or thing in your life & enjoy the good emotions it brings.

Reiki Sessions

Reiki is a form of Japanese energy healing. Reiki therapy is a way of guiding energy throughout the body to promote the recipient’s self-healing abilities.

Reiki Sessions

Try Out Gratitude Sound Healing

Sound healing uses harmonics, cymatics, entrainment, and binaural beats. The soothing sounds help rewire your brain to deal with stress & headaches by replenishing brain energy with high-frequency sound and giving you the perfect chance for some relaxation & self-reflection time.

Practice Mindfulness

The practice of mindful gratitude involves taking a close look at our chaotic, busy, and burdened lives & recognizing the beauty of everything & everyone around us.

Mindfulness is hard. It takes time to practice. However, it will rewire your brain to be naturally more grateful.

 Quality Time With Loved Ones

Being with people who truly feel at home can help you self-reflect on everything in life, ease your anxiety, and genuinely help you be more grateful for being who you are and having them in life.

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