Look Out for Egypt’s Presence at The Paris Olympics 2024

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127 years ago, humans decided to reignite the ancient Greek sports tradition of the Olympics. We had our first modern Olympics in 1896. But actually, the first Olympics known to man were held in the summer of 776 B.C. at Olympia, a site in southern Greece where people went to worship their gods. In fact, the Olympics were created in honor of ancient Greece’s most famous god: Zeus, king of the gods.

This year, however, the Olympics is coming to Paris, France. The 33rd Olympic Games will be held in the French capital, where Egyptians will have a huge presence!

Look out for these Egyptian teams from July 26th to August 11th, making us proud at the Paris Olympics 2024!

National Wrestling Team

Egypt’s Abdel Latif Manea won Bronze in the World’s Wrestling Championships in Serbia, which took place from September 16th to 24th, for the 130 kg weight category. With this victory, Manea qualified to compete representing Egypt in Greco-Roman wrestling at the Paris Olympics 2024.

This is Egypt’s first global medal in wrestling since 2006. 17 years ago, Mohamed Abdel Fatah won gold at the World’s Championships.

Abdel Latif Manea

National Table Tennis Teams

Men and Women

 Egypt’s National Table Tennis team, both men’s and women’s, also qualifies for the Paris Olympics after their win over their Nigerian counterpart. One of their most prominent players is the child prodigy Hana Goda.

With her (4 – 1) win in the final match, 15-year-old Hana Goda was crowned champion at the African Championship of Table Tennis for Women.

Hana Goda

National Boxing Team

Omar El Awadi, a member of the national boxing team, qualified for the Paris 2024 Olympics after winning the gold medal at the African Championship in Senegal by defeating the champion from the Congo with a score of 3/1.

Yomna Ayad, another member of the national boxing team, also secured her place in the Paris 2024 Olympics by reaching the finals of the African Boxing Championship held in Senegal, which serves as a qualification event for the Olympics. She achieved this by winning against the Algerian champion with a score of 3/1.

20-year-old Yomna Ayad made history as the first Egyptian woman to qualify for the Olympics in boxing!

Omar El Awadi

National Volleyball Team

The national volleyball team has secured its spot at the Paris 2024 Olympics through its participation in the global qualifiers currently taking place in Japan. Egypt’s national team achieved qualification by having the best ranking among African teams in the world rankings of the International Volleyball Federation. They succeeded in outperforming their direct competitor, the Tunisian team.

National Volleyball Team

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